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Venezuelan community find success and solace in Chicago

Remnants of the country they once are descending among them. Broken cities, empty grocery stores, lawless streets — a collapsed dream. This is current day Venezuela.

“I don’t want to be in a prison. I don’t want to live in a place where I cannot be free, I can’t get whatever,” said Rosbelis Quiñonez a first year journalism student at DePaul University. “I don’t want to see my family die without doing nothing…  I don’t think I am going back.”

Quiñonez is from Venezuela and now lives in Chicago. An authoritative, suppressive government has drawn tens of thousands out of her country and into US cities, Chicago among them. But it was a direct threat to her own life that forced her to leave.

“Those people who tried to take me they knew who I am, they were looking for me … specifically, they were waiting for me, armed three guys when I came to my car. They said, ‘This is her, this is the woman!’” Continue reading Venezuelan community find success and solace in Chicago

WATCH: DePaul students protest Charles Murray event

Charles Murray watched from the windows of Coutelyou Commons, as a crowd emerged protesting his speech at DePaul University. Murray called the scene of nearly 100 students stirring in the November rain a devotion to opinions.

The DePaul College Republicans invited the Libertarian to campus, where Murray discussed upper class and identity politics. But the event was met with opposition by many who call Murray a white supremacist.

“Black lives matter. I’m not trying to have some racist come in here to my school that I pay $50,000 a year to go say that I am lesser than a white man for some fake science facts,” said DePaul student Fae Robertson. Continue reading WATCH: DePaul students protest Charles Murray event

WATCH: Chicago’s March For Our Lives tackled more than just gun control

In the aftermath of the Parkland, Florida school shooting, thousands in Chicago billowed through Union Park on the west side, protesting for stricter gun laws. Their chants roared through the city’s backyard echoing for change.

I feel that there is some serious momentum and it’s important to get behind because it’s not just Parkland, it’s Chicago,” said Chicagoland mother Lauren Carter who attended the march with friends and family. Continue reading WATCH: Chicago’s March For Our Lives tackled more than just gun control

WATCH: Myanmar’s ethnic cleansing impacts Chicago

There are some things that Nasir Zakaria can’t forget. remnants of the horror and enslavement he endured in Burma, now known as Myanmar, still haunt him. Today he walks the streets of Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood as a free man, but it wasn’t always this way.

They bring me here. Freedom… they accept here. Safe life, my life here… so I can maybe do something for my people,” Zakaria said.

Continue reading WATCH: Myanmar’s ethnic cleansing impacts Chicago

South Side’s promised future, 40 years in the making

Clifton Lucas didn’t venture outside the brinks of the South Side until he was almost 15 years old. Going downtown was a distant, far-fetched idea that he never chewed on for too long.

“Everything was in The Hood,” Lucas said. “We would ride around in The Hood and never travel out. Leaving was like a whole different world – outside of Englewood was a whole different world.”

And Lucas’ upbringing isn’t uncommon. Born and raised in one of Chicago’s most dangerous neighborhoods, Englewood was all Lucas knew, and all he wanted to know growing up. 

For many communities on Chicago’s far South and West Sides, traveling downtown can mean long commute times on the CTA, a blueprint to getting around Chicago’s corridors, causing some to bypass the system altogether. But a closer look at data from the 2012 Census Bureau, cross-examined with CTA’s 2015 Annual Ridership Report show the consequences of the CTA’s limits. Communities in which residents must make more than one transfer on public transportation to reach downtown, have significantly higher unemployment rates than neighborhoods that are directly accessible to downtown.  Continue reading South Side’s promised future, 40 years in the making